Tuesday, May 29, 2012

About 1/2 way completed... Id like to introduce the newest member of this endeavor...

Clients are loving the methods and companies alike as I look at this as being a re-education instead of a hanging. It is not right to wrong when wronged, if the client can become humble and work this program to the extent of its purpose then they will have success. We also have a money back guarantee that will be kept secret now.


Tony Burden
President / Founder
Business main  line # (702)483-0834

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  1. So true Tony! I'm glad I could assist. Smooth transitions are critical to cash flow. Strategy & planning are key factors to survival. Armed with knowledge and experience today's small business can flourish in the face of the economic crisis. It's pretty obvious to me as well as several colleagues I spoke with, this Haveyoubeenhad.com won't be a small business for long. You have hit the nail on the head when you speak of the epidemic of business models failing across the country. New business especially. The good people of America simply need to hear the truth. I believe this company will bring hope back into the small business arena. I'm glad to be on-board Tony, and with our opposing skill set's it's a no brain er that this vision of yours will be hard to hold down. Here's to Helping People help themselves.